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Code of Ethics

Sheryl adheres to the
AnimalReikiCodeOfEthics.pdf developed by Kathleen Prasad, Founder
of Animal Reiki Source.


Sheryl has an Advanced Certification in Reiki for Animals from Animal Reiki Source.


Read ReikiHelpsParrot.pdf  in the 2012 Fall Edition of Reiki News Magazine.

Read about Casey’s story, FelineReikiTeacher.pdf in the 2010-2011 Winter  Edition of Reiki News Magazine.


A Reiki session helps relax the body and supports the facilitation of healing on all levels for animals, in much the same way that it works for humans. The energy is gentle, noninvasive, yet powerful and works safely in conjunction with other forms of healing, both veterinary medicine

and holistic.

Reiki can effectively address any issue an animal may face: physical or mental/emotional. It goes directly to the origin of the problem, even if it is not known, or results from something in the animal’s past, so it can be used in any situation, including shelter/rescue animals whose pasts are not known.

Reiki can do no harm and will not give more to the recipient than they are open to receive. It is not something “done” to the animal; the animal will accept as much energy as he/she is comfortable with.

Reiki fosters a special connection between practitioner and animal so they become partners in the healing process. Animals tend to be energetically sensitive, and are generally understanding and receptive to Reiki when it is offered to them.

The end-of-life stage is also peacefully supported by Reiki. It can facilitate emotional healing and acceptance during this time, for both the animal and its person/family.


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With Sheryl Schlameuss Berger, Reiki Master Teacher

Long Island, New York

A Reiki Healing Session For Your Pet

A session can be given at short distance away or hands-on

with a light touch if the animal is accepting of touch. 

Sheryl will come to your home, as animals/pets are most comfortable in their own environment.

Special Combo Sessions: both you and your furbaby can relax and feel the soothing, healing energy in a calm, bonding experience.

Distance treatments are also available online through Zoom.


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